All under one roof: Fashion, beauty and care from head to toe

New York, Milan, Paris and Berlin are vibrant metropoles. Fashion, wellness, bars and clubs as well as exclusive hair stylists are all part of the urban lifestyle that characterises these cities. You can find all this in Berne: at Aerni "Hair Store Bar Spa" at the Aarbergergasse 60. A historic building that was once a hotel, the AERNI centre comprises a multifunctional area of 650 square meters dedicated to beauty, fashion and wellbeing. Liberty-style columns, imposing lights, designer furnishing, and wide-open spaces are characterised by contrasting colours and materials. This extremely artistic location frames to top-class and hi-tech design environment, whose heart resides in the hairdressing salon awarded for its concept 2006. With a 180 years tradition of hairdressing, Marc Riedo, hairstylist and entrepreneur, looks after the services down to the last detail. 

Few but effective choices in a bar where not only cocktails and long drinks are on offer, but also Italian coffee and local, sustainable food creations.

The latest AERNI addition, the spa is a wonderful oasis of relaxation. The missing piece to complete the jigsaw that is this wellbeing centre. Soft lights, natural colours and materials for a total immersion in the Spa’s relaxing treatments. Massages, Caribbean scented baths, aromatherapy, face and body treatments. Everything you need to forget the harsh outside world and lose yourself in this pleasant enveloping inside world. 

Aerni, wellbeing as art

Absolutely everything is here, even Liberty-style columns. It may seem like a cliché but the Aerni salon really is a temple of beauty. In Berne, Switzerland, this is a unique example of its kind, where hairdressing is paramount but is accompanied by many other services. A complete trip through female passions. 


Wellbeing for hair. Aerni has a large salon, the heart of the centre. Clients are offered the best products and treatments and the following brands: Oribe – Redken NYC – American Crew – Shu Uermura 


Wellbeing for your look. All the big names, to browse through and buy. All within easy reach, for a decidedly relaxing activity – shopping. Aerni sells brands as: Maliparmi, Niù –Ania Schierholt – Katharina Hovmann – Annette Görtz – Alysi, HIGH – crea concept – Marc Cain – Jack Gomme – Zanellato – Faliero Sarti 


Wellbeing for the spirit. Cocktails and long drinks to cheer up free time and moods, because it’s always nice to sit and chat in front of a good drink. 


Wellbeing for the body. And not only. If “mens sana in corpore sano” is true, let’s start with the body. The Aerni spa is for a relaxing breaks. The Aerni Spa team uses brands such as Ligne St Barth and Pharmos Natur.  

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