Campus Hotel Hertenstein – tradition and innovation coming together

On the Hertenstein peninsula on Lake Lucerne, where monarchs and artists once spent the night, you can now find the innovative Campus Hotel Hertenstein.

It was completely refurbished at a cost of 87 million Swiss francs and reopened in 2013. The hotel has grounds of 30,000 m², 62 stylish rooms, 26 studios and apartments, as well as a private waterside frontage with moorings.

It also has a modern conference centre with 12 light and airy meeting rooms each equipped with cutting-edge technology, and a large event room that can seat 170 guests and offers a stunning view of Lake Lucerne. This makes the hotel an excellent choice for gatherings of any type and size.

The Ristorante Hertenstein treats its guests to Italian specialties, while the self-service Café Vienna with a terrace is located at the pier in front of the hotel and serves Swiss and Austrian delicacies.

The Hertenstein Campus Village is situated behind the hotel with the Cereneo Center – a modern neurorehabilitation clinic – as the site’s centrepiece, and another five smaller buildings with studios and apartments for long-term guests on the hilltop.

Campus Hotel Hertenstein



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